(In celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday)

His solitary confinement,

Setting free the mind,

Shelters the dream awaiting birth

In future conflicts

Where pain vies with guilt-laden fear

In blood sodden dust

Swirling with the cries for freedom

Denied a people.

In the prison of oppression,

Spirit gathers strength

Shattering the bonds of self-doubt

Lesser men impose

Upon dreamers seeking justice


While biding their time

Within the flow of history.

Lifted by events,

Chosen ones rise with their vision

To lead a people

Thirsting for justice and freedom

Into the unknown,

Living together as equals

Whose mutual trust

Grows in the sharing of the dream

Rising from the tomb

Victim and oppressor shared

Until justice won


In the course of time events weave

Until forgotten

Save for warriors becoming wise,

Preserving the dream

As another generation

Prepares for battle.

Dreaming is acting when the time comes;

The fruit of patience

Is the moment of engagement

With the darkness

That would engulf humanity

But for you and I


Living and doing for others.







About Ron Cebik

Retired minister, psychotherapist and academic living in Connecticut.
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